Hello out there!

I had just started dipping my toe in the blogging pool last year when I ended up taking break from crafting to work on my best friends’ wedding dress and my wedding outfit (the wedding was steampunk themed and it was awesome, but it was a lot of work).  During the process I had a lot of time to think about my blogging future and came to the conclusion that if I’m going to do it, then I want to throw myself into it properly.  At the time, I’d only really been posting on a monthly basis as a way of tracking my wip’s and fo’s and meanwhile talking my husbands’ ears off constantly about all things yarny.

Eventually, with the wedding over, I was mulling over what to about my slumbering blog.  Al suggested (albeit with an edge of desperation) that if I had so much to say, I should really be saying it to people who actually know what I’m rambling on about.  In hindsight I think what he wanted to say was “it’s been twenty years.  Tell it to someone who gives a sh**”, but he’s way to polite to tell it how it is 😛

Inspired by fab’ YouTube videos such as Come Knit With Us, Dancing Geek Podcast, Minerva Turkey knits, Little Bobbins Knits, Bakery Bears Podcast, Knit All The Things Podcast, I could go on but I’m sure everyone I watch will get a mention at some point :) , it’s also been a fancy of mine to have my own vlog.  So I figured in for a penny, in for a pound, I’ll give it a go.

I have to warn you, I’m no expert, so don’t expect an enlightening experience.  In fact, you might want to say a little prayer that I make any sense at all, lol.  But if you’re interested in my crazed ramblings or what I’m up to then have a watch, a read, or you can just ask me!

I’m a little nervous about the whole venture, I haven’t really done much blogging, hell, I’ve never even kept a journal and I’ve always been rather proud of my camera dodging prowess, but even if all this only results in finding a handful of people to connect with, it’ll be worth it.

So… please bear with me while I find my feet.  Feel free to make suggestions, leave me comments, send me a message or simply add me to your friends.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved a lot more with the crafting community, life’s too short to only share my thoughts with a bloke who thinks a yarn over means you’ve run out of wool.